‘We’re jobless, but it’s better under ANC’

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For Andries Selepe the future may seem pretty pointless, but he remains loyal to the party

Polokwane – There might not be jobs or adequate service delivery, but a resident of the little-known village of Ga-Maja in Limpopo says life is still better under the ANC.

The village, surrounded by mountains, lies south of Polokwane. The roads have seemingly not been tarred in ten years, there are no youth facilities and although a project to build a sports complex is underway, many are sceptical about when it will be completed.

Andries Brown Selepe, 57, has lived in Ga-Maja all his life. He says housing remains a major challenge. He alleged that RDP houses there were poorly constructed, saying some had even collapsed.

“Though promises have been made to fix these, it hardly happens,” he says.

But Selepe says he remains faithful to the ANC, even though he says they need competent councillors.

“We want someone who will help us; councillors who are able to address our challenges.

‘Malema has no respect’

“The ANC freed us. If it was not for them, the apartheid government would still be giving us a tough time. We were treated like monkeys, not humans. We might not have jobs but life is better.”

Asked about the Economic Freedom Fighters, he said while he loved their leader, Julius Malema and was proud that Malema was a Limpopo native, he couldn’t support a party that insults others.

“Malema has no respect, no manners. We really love him but we can’t support a young man who disrespects his elders,” he says.

As for the Democratic Alliance, Selepe says he didn’t even consider it an option.

“I just see Maimane on the television. I don’t even know where he is from and the DA is still a white party pretending it’s gone black…I’d never vote for it.”

Source:News 24