‘We don’t have water, so we drink beer’

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Limpopo resident says a lack of water has forced him to turn to alcohol for sustenance

Polokwane – “I am drinking this beer because we have no water here.”

So says 43-year-old Desmond Matsobane Maja from Ga-Maja village in Limpopo.

He believes there are many challenges that need to be addressed in his village, with a lack of water being the most urgent.

“Go into every house here and there is nothing,” he said.

Maja, who spends most of his day with friends at a local tavern, says he quit his job in 2014 hoping to find employment in a local project that never materialised.

“They only hired two people from each of the little villages here, the rest of us just sit and watch.”

Despite expressing unhappiness about his local councillor, Maja said he would still go out and vote in Wednesday’s election.

Source:News 24