We are in it to win it – DA

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The Democratic Alliance marched in Johannesburg for Jobs.  Photo Delwyn Verasamy

The main opposition party is counting out coalitions – until after the results have been tallied

Pretoria – The Democratic Alliance says coalitions will only be considered as a last option after the results have been tallied. They intend to win municipalities from the get go, says a spokesperson.

“In this election, we are in it to win it. We plan on winning an outright majority to ensure we don’t have to consider coalitions, but if it does get to the situation after the votes have been counted and coalitions have to be considered, then it’s something we will need to discuss,” Phumzile Van Damme told News24.

“Right now we are in the game; we are not planning on not winning.”

Van Damme said the many different polls that have indicated that the party was likely to be at the front of pack were providing hope for them but admitted that the only way those polls could be turned into reality is if people go out to vote.

“Polls are very interesting; they provide a kind of indication of voter intention. Some polls put us ahead in some municipalities, we are encouraged by them but we want to make sure all DA registered voters turn out in their numbers so that they can vote for change,” she said.

Van Damme also added that it was encouraging to see South Africans not falling for the race card being played by other parties in their campaigns. She said the DA was a diverse organisation that appealed to all races.

Source:News 24