Police fire on protestors in East London

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March 16, 2014. Caracas, Venezuela. Protesters stand in a cloud of tear gas as they clash with the National Guard in Altamira, a wealthy enclave of Caracas.  As protests all over Venezuela against food shortages, inflation, and crime continue into their second month, President Nicolas Maduro issued a statement of his intentions to end the unrest, and the National Guard responded with a heavily increased volume of arrests at the protests. 

A wave of political unrest hit Venezuela in February of 2014, sparked by the attempted rape of a University student in San Cristobal, Tachira, a traditionally anti-Chavista area of Venezuela. The protesters were largely students from the middle and upper classes of Venezuela. They called for an end to the rampant levels of crime in the country, as well as solutions to skyrocketing currency inflation and shortages of basic goods like flour, milk, and toilet paper. Many called for "La Salida;" the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro, the democratically elected, handpicked successor of the late President Hugo Chavez. Chavez was beloved by the working class majority of Venezuelans, revered as a savior of the poor. 

At least 42 people were killed in protests across the country. 

Maduro and his supporters called the protests a violent coup attempt by right wing elites, while the opposition called the President a murderer and continued to build barricades and burn trash in the streets of upper class communities, defending themselves with molotov cocktails and sling shots, against security forces who were accused of human rights violations by organizations like Amnesty International.
WHERE THERE'S SMOKE: Protesters stand in a cloud of tear gas

Rubber bullets and teargas used to disperse residents in East London on election day

Police fired rubber bullets and used teargas to disperse residents that were burning tyres and protesting in the streets of Cambridge in East London during voting day today.

The protesters also lobbed stones at a reporter.

A small police contingent moved in to control the group. Several people were arrested.

Residents said they wanted ANC member Mbulelo Vula as their councillor, and not the candidate they had been given by the ANC.

“We want someone who knows our problems – the one we have received is from Amalinda. We don’t know him,” said resident Ayanda Beda.

Another woman said her grandmother was arrested as she was trying to vote.

Nozuko Mgaguli said she had just come back from the police station after giving her frail grandmother warm clothes. “I don’t know what to do. She has asthma. We told the police she is sick,” she said.

Mgaguli said she did not have money to bail out her grandmother.

Source:News 24