‘DA using media to fight dirty’

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PULLING THE CARD: Danny Jordaan is accusing the DA of apartheid-styled tactics

Mayoral candidate Danny Jordaan says DA is using apartheid-style strategies to win the local elections

Danny Jordaan, who is also the Nelson Mandela Bay metro’s African National Congress mayoral candidate, had hired top lawyers to defend himself in the corruption probe into football’s governing body FIFA, News24 reported on the eve of the local government elections.

He had employed attorney Anthony Norton and senior advocate Gilbert Marcus to engage with authorities in the US on his behalf.

Jordaan laughed off the report.

“No, no, no, you must be serious. It is a very unfortunate thing that the DA has come up with, an apartheid-style strategy,” he said.

‘Suspicious story’

Jordaan cautioned against media being used in politics.

“While the journalists have a right to criticise political parties, they must never join the campaigns of political parties. It is sad. What is the charge against me? There is nothing,” he said.

“It reminds me of Wouter Basson dirty tricks campaign…”

Danny Jordaan said the whole attack had Wouter Basson overtones. Basson, a cardiologist, headed the apartheid government’s biological and chemical warfare programme.

“We talk about a free and fair election, then a Desperate Alliance embarks on apartheid-style dirty tactics. It will backfire on them,” he said.

The Eastern Cape ANC said it was not surprised by the “suspicious” News24 story.

“We are not surprised that this news website, probably inspired by their apartheid DNA, decides to publish this flimsy text masquerading as an exclusive story on the eve of an election where Cde Danny Jordaan is contesting mayorship,” the party said in a statement.

It dismissed it as an attempt to tarnish Jordaan’s image.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane on Wednesday rubbished claims that the party was behind the story.

“At the end of the day Jordaan must tell people who paid the bribe? He was the CEO of our campaign in 2010. He must answer the question.”

Maimane said it was still highly suspicious that he had failed to travel overseas since news of the alleged bribery broke.

Source:News 24